Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms of use carefully before entering the website:

First: the general terms and conditions.

1- Your use of this website and the materials and products available on it or through it (together referred to as the “Website,”) is subject to the terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) and the reference to Kingdom Dates Company LLC, a one-person company, by the term (the company).

2- Compliance with the laws and decisions of the United Arab Emirates.

3- Your access to the website is considered an unconditional acceptance and agreement by you to the terms of use. If you do not accept the terms of use, please do not enter the company’s website.

4- No party other than the parties to this agreement has the right to put any of its provisions into practice.

5- Assignment: These Terms of Sale are binding to ensure the interest of its parties, successors, and permitted assigns, and you agree not to assign or transfer the validity of these Terms or any of your rights or obligations under these Terms of Sale, whether directly or indirectly, without our initial written consent. We refrain from giving consent without giving reasonable cause.

Second: the content of the website.

The user agrees to enter and use the website only for his legitimate purposes and is solely responsible for any errors or abuses that occur due to his misuse, and the user is solely responsible for being aware of all laws, decisions, regulations and systems related to his use of the website

By entering the website, the user agrees to the following:

1- Not to misuse the website in any way.

2- Not to publish or transmit any illegal, immoral, racist, slanderous, defamatory, insulting or any other content that harms religion or Islamic law.

3- Not to use the website to commit an act that may constitute a crime in accordance with the UAE Federal Penal Code or lead to civil liability in accordance with the laws of the country, as well as not to encourage or participate with others to do so.

4- Not to publish any intrusive ads or promotional materials.

5- Not to collect or store any personal information about others.

Third: Effective date and amendments.

The terms of use are effective as of the date of this company’s publication on the website, and Kingdom Dates Company reserves the right to amend the terms of use at any time and publish it on the page, knowing that it will not notify the site’s visitors or customers of any modifications, and the responsibility to view the terms and conditions rests with the website user Constantly reviewing it.

Fourth: Terms of Sale :

 an introduction

1- These Terms of Sale govern the sale of affiliated products (Kingdom Dates Company LLC) to you.

2- The terms of sale mean the terms and conditions under which purchases are supplied and delivered to you as a buyer on the one owned and operated by Kingdom Dates Company W.L.L. Person Company www.choco-dubai.com Website

Al Wahed, a company registered in the United Arab Emirates under commercial license No. 233168 issued by the Department of Economic Development in the Emirate of Dubai, and the company’s head office is located in the United Arab Emirates in the Emirate of Dubai, Jumeirah 1, Al Wasl Vita Mall, Shop No. 16.

3- Please read these terms carefully before proceeding with the purchase process through the site, and by sending the purchase order through the site, you agree to these terms of sale and abide by what is stated therein with immediate effect.

*- Accept the purchase order.

1- Supplier: Each product in the purchase order is sold either by us or by a local or international seller as specified on the site.

2- Acceptance of the purchase order: The purchase order issued by you is accepted by us when we notify you of acceptance in writing (either by e-mail or a text message on the mobile phone). your account.

3- Payment: Your issuance of the purchase order is an authorization from you to us or any third party specialized in electronic payments to deduct the value of purchases from your credit or debit card, knowing that we accept payment under.

                 – Credit or debit card.

                – Through the e-wallet.

   – Payment in cash on delivery (provided that the value of the purchase does not exceed 6,500 AED).

4- Cancellation of the purchase order: You can cancel the purchase order immediately before shipping the product for any reason.

5- Cancellation of your order by us in the following cases:

– Failure to pay the value of purchases when due.

– Your failure to provide us with the information required to deliver the Products to you within the time period specified by us.

– Your failure to allow us, within a reasonable period of time, to deliver the Products to you, or your failure to receive them

6- Delivery of your order:

 Delivery cost: The information will be shown to you on the website.

Delivery date: The information will be displayed on the website.

Delayed delivery: If our delivery of the product is delayed for reasons beyond our control, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of this.

 If there is no one at your address to receive the product and the product cannot be delivered by mail to your mail box, we will inform you in time about how to deliver the product or deliver it to you

 We will cancel your order in accordance with these terms of sale when the delivery data is not clear and we cannot contact you after making our continuous efforts in this regard

 Requirements for proof of identity upon delivery: The Kingdom Dates representative who delivers your order has the right to see your identity or the identity of the person authorized to receive from you at the delivery address shown by you, and if Kingdom Dates LLC is unable to verify the credibility of any information you provide, it has the right to refuse Delivery and cancellation of your order.

 Delivery outside the country: You may be registered as an importer if you request the delivery of products outside the country. In this case, you must verify the required products comply with the law and regulations of the importing country, and you must also be obligated to pay all fees, customs and taxes imposed on your buyers.

7- Product Ownership:

The Products become your property once we deliver them to you at the delivery address and you make full payment for them.


8- Issuance of invoices:

We will issue you an electronic invoice for the value of your purchases and send it to your email address that you provide to us

9- Return Policy:

                                               *Reasons for return

– You received the wrong product.

– You received a product not as described on the website.

– You received a damaged product.

– Provided that the product has not been used and is in its original condition with its packaging.

– You must return the product within 7 days of delivery

– Only in certain circumstances as described in our return policy do you have the right to return the product (5) days.

Returns are subject to special terms and conditions for each specific category and can be found in the returns policy.

                                              * Products are not returnable

You may not return or exchange any of the following products:

– Products that have been previously used, damaged by you, or are in a condition different from what you received them.

– Any consumables that have been used or installed for something else

– Any products that are devoid of their serial number or have been tampered with

– Any products of the specified categories, including food and beverages.

*Return method

– The return request can be submitted via e-mail, through our social networking sites, direct chat on the site, or by calling our call center at 043589888 (in the United Arab Emirates).

*How to refund

– For products that have been delivered, we will refund the value of the product subject to return in full including the fees for returning the product to us (excluding the fees paid to ship the product to you) and this applies in the following cases:

– Products that are defective or not as described on the website.

– If the reason for the return is due to an error on our part such as an error in pricing or description or a delay in delivery beyond the agreed date, and for all other cases, we will return the value of the product subject to return (excluding the fees paid to ship the product to you) provided that you bear the cost of returning the product to us As for the products that have not been delivered, you are entitled to receive their full value if you cancel the purchase order according to the returns item.

                                          * Refund procedures

The refund will be the same as your payment method, as follows: –

– If you have paid the value by cash on delivery, we will return the value to your electronic wallet or if you have paid the value by credit / debit card, you can choose between returning the amount to the credit / debit card, or placing it in your electronic wallet.

                       * Duration of refunding your credit or debit card

– The refund will be made within (30) days from the date we received the returned product at our Customer Merchandise Configuration Center.

– If the amount will be returned to your electronic wallet, we will return the amount immediately after we receive the product in our customer goods configuration center and inspect the product by us, or if you cancel the purchase order before the date of shipment, the amount will be returned to you automatically

Fifth: Privacy Policy :

  1. We care a lot about your privacy and security, and some data is collected for use by the company’s website in order to provide online selling services and products that are provided by Kingdom Dates LLC, and the Kingdom Dates Company website will record and track your use of the site.
  2. Use of this data is subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy.
  3. The Privacy Policy is part of these Terms and Conditions and should be read in full
  4. In the event that you do not accept the terms in the Privacy Policy, you must refrain from using the website of Kingdom Dates LLC.
  5. You may be asked to enter personal information relating to you on the Company’s website, and we are committed not to use this information that you have provided us for any purpose not listed in the Privacy Policy, other than the purpose specified by the site.

Sixth: Settlement of disputes :

– If you are not satisfied with any of the products you purchased through the site, you can contact us via e-mail, our social networking sites, direct chatting on the site, or call our call center on the phone number 043589888 (in the United Arab Emirates).

– If you cannot reach a solution according to what is stated in the clause within (7 working days) from the date you notify the seller of your problem, you can resort to the Dubai Courts and the Arabic language will be the primary language in the dispute

Seventh: Applicable Law:

The Conditions of Sale and any non-contractual rights and obligations arising from or related to the said Conditions of Sale shall be governed by the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates as well as the local laws of the Emirate of Dubai and shall be construed in accordance with these laws.

All provisions of these Terms of Sale, whether express or continuing in nature, shall survive the suspension or expiration of your membership to the Site.